Our Grants

For the privacy of our recipients, all first and last names may not be displayed below.

most recent grants

  • Keeyun

    is a young San Diegan who recently celebrated one year of sobriety and being self-sufficient.  Though a hard worker, his hours were significantly reduced at his job through no fault of his, causing him to not meet his basic needs.  The additional stress had him very concerned that it might impact his continued sobriety, so the Foundation stepped in to pay his very modest rent for one month as a bridge while Keeyun secured more reliable work. 

    Grant made in July 2017

  • Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship

    The Rob Benzon Foundation awarded two scholarships at the annual Launching Leaders PFLAG Scholarship Awards to two LGBTQ students pursuing higher education. The Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Suhaila Aaradhya Devidasi and Ryan Snyder.

    Grant made in June 2017

  • Mama’s Kitchen

    The Foundation awarded a grant to Mama’s Kitchen to support their Monday’s Delivery Package program, a home-delivered meal service that provides meals to individuals in San Diego County affected by AIDS or cancer.  The Monday’s Delivery Package contains 6 meals (a warm dinner for Monday, breakfast/lunch/dinner for Tuesday, and breakfast/lunch for Wednesday).  On an average delivery day, there are typically 320 individuals who receive these meals through this program.

    Grant made in June 2017

  • Live and Let Live Alano Club

    The Foundation approved a one-time emergency assist grant to the Live and Let Live Alano Club (LLLAC) to support their facility meeting space for the multiple recovery support groups they host each week.  LLLAC, the fourth oldest Sober Community Center in the country, is not a treatment or rehab facility, but instead is committed to providing ‘long haul support’ of individuals beginning and sustaining sobriety as an ongoing way of life.

    Grant made in June 2017

  • Savannah

    , a young lady with multiple serious health conditions, is a senior in high school.  Because of the financial burden connected with her past and current health issues of multiple scelerosis, Savannah’s family found itself unable to afford the expenses associated with having her attend her senior prom.  The Foundation stepped in to help by paying for the family’s rent for one month.  By doing so, Savannah’s family was able to give her what she wished for, which was to purchase a dress, obtain transportation and attend her high school prom.  

    Grant made in May 2017

  • Krystal

    , a 30-year-old stay at home mother of three girls (ages 9, 5 and 1), was recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer.  Krystal would not be able to successfully complete her upcoming radiation and chemotherapy treatments without first securing dependable childcare for her three young children.  The Foundation stepped in to provide funds for the cost of the childcare, so that she could proceed with the aggressive treatment she faced and give her the needed childcare assistance to help her body heal.  

    Grant made in May 2017

  • Lisa

    a 59-year-old veteran, ran into serious financial trouble after her husband passed away unexpectedly. In light of the hospital and funeral expenses along with his lost income, Lisa found herself in a very serious financial crisis and was left nearly destitute and homeless.  The Foundation stepped in to provide emergency housing and was instrumental in moving her to a permanent apartment in a local senior living facility.

    Grant made in May 2017

  • Kathy

    The Foundation approved a grant to assist Kathy, a terminally ill person in need of caregiver assistance during her final weeks of life.  Kathy, a humble woman that was a caregiver herself, worked tirelessly for years to provide care for individuals without families or friends in San Diego.  Testimonials for individuals that know Kathy describe stories of her faithful and  loving care provided to persons who would otherwise would have been alone on their death beds, had it not been for her.  Unfortunately, Kathy did not have the financial means to arrange for a caregiver for herself.  The Rob Benzon Foundation provided approved a grant to allow Kathy to realize her dying wish – to be able to live her final days at home and pass away with dignity in her own home.
    Grant made in February 2017

  • Kevin

    Kevin has advanced kidney disease and is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant in the next few weeks. The Rob Benzon Foundation approved a grant to assist him with paying his rent and living expenses while he recovered from the surgery.
    Grant made in March 2017

  • Toni Atkins Lesbian Women’s Health Fund

    The Rob Benzon Foundation provided a grant to the Toni Atkins Lesbian Women’s Health Fund, which assists low income women in need of medical treatment, referrals, support, education, advocacy and guidance through the healthcare system.
    Grant made in January 2017