Our Grants

For the privacy of our recipients, all first and last names may not be displayed below.

most recent grants

  • Kathy

    The Foundation approved a grant to assist Kathy, a terminally ill person in need of caregiver assistance during her final weeks of life.  Kathy, a humble woman that was a caregiver herself, worked tirelessly for years to provide care for individuals without families or friends in San Diego.  Testimonials for individuals that know Kathy describe stories of her faithful and  loving care provided to persons who would otherwise would have been alone on their death beds, had it not been for her.  Unfortunately, Kathy did not have the financial means to arrange for a caregiver for herself.  The Rob Benzon Foundation provided approved a grant to allow Kathy to realize her dying wish – to be able to live her final days at home and pass away with dignity in her own home.
    Grant made in February 2017

  • Kevin

    Kevin has advanced kidney disease and is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant in the next few weeks. The Rob Benzon Foundation approved a grant to assist him with paying his rent and living expenses while he recovered from the surgery.
    Grant made in March 2017

  • Toni Atkins Lesbian Women’s Health Fund

    The Rob Benzon Foundation provided a grant to the Toni Atkins Lesbian Women’s Health Fund, which assists low income women in need of medical treatment, referrals, support, education, advocacy and guidance through the healthcare system.
    Grant made in January 2017

  • Melodee

    Melodee was undergoing treatment for the cancer when she suffered a stoke which resulted in partial paralysis of her legs.  While she recovered, the Rob Benzon Foundation provided her with three months of rent.
    Grant made in December 2016

  • Embrace

    Embrace mobilizes the skills, resources and manpower of local volunteer college students to remodel homes for disabled veterans making the homes both aesthetically beautiful and also handicap accessible.   The Rob Benzon Foundation provided funds to purchase materials for the project.
    Grant made in November 2016

  • The Annual Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Day Dinner

    The Rob Benzon Foundation once again supported the annual Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  The grant provided funds to assist organizers with the cost of the food needed to feed the underprivileged and homeless members of the LGBTQ community. The event is held annually at the San Diego LGBTQ Community Center on Thanksgiving Day.
    Grant made in November 2016

  • Leo

    Leo was in a very serious car accident where the car hydroplaned after a heavy rain storm on a local San Diego freeway.  The car spun out of control and was then broadsided by an oncoming vehicle.  Leo broke his shoulder bone, several ribs and suffered from a collapsed lung and was hospitalized for several months.  Unable to work during his recovery, the Rob Benzon Foundation paid for his rent and food for two months to help him get back on his feet.
    Grant made in October 2016

  • Art

    The Rob Benzon Foundation assisted Art with two months of housing as he transitioned from Stepping Stone (a residential treatment facility) into sober living at Enya House in San Diego.
    Grant made in August 2016

  • Kyle

    Kyle recently underwent a five-week series of debilitating chemotherapy treatments. The Rob Benzon Foundation stepped in to provide funds to cover the day care expenses for his two young daughters, so that he could complete the treatments.
    Grant made July 2016

  • PFLAG San Diego Scholarship Program

    On May 13, 2016, the Rob Benzon Foundation awarded two scholarships at the annual PFLAG San Diego Scholarship Awards to two LGBTQ students pursuing higher education. The Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Antonio Mendivil and the Brian Wilson Memorial Scholarship went to Riley Gibson.
    Grant made May 2016