The guiding concept of the foundation is that individuals who are not normally philanthropic can donate small amounts of money which when aggregated can be used to make a difference and ordinary people can create miracles.

The Rob Benzon Foundation grants funds to both individuals with urgent needs in response to a catastrophic event and to established charitable organizations that provide services to those in need in San Diego.

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your donations at work

  • Hannah’s House

    Hannah’s House

    Hannah's House

    Hannah’s House is a non-profit organization, that since 1988, has served over 23,000 families. They have provided over 268,000 hours of warm and peaceful child-parent supervised family time. In 2016, Hannah’s

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  • Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship and Daniel J. Ferbal Memorial Scholarship

    Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship and Daniel J. Ferbal Memorial Scholarship

    The Rob Benzon Foundation awarded two scholarships through the annual PFLAG Scholarship Awards to two LGBTQ students pursuing higher education. The Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to G Trupp who was

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  • Carlitos D.

    Carlitos D.

    Carlitos D. was a cancer survivor with many other health ailments including diabetes, renal failure, a recent heart attack as well as being septic. His huge health hurdles made it impossible to work and the out of pocket costs not

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