The guiding concept of the foundation is that individuals who are not normally philanthropic can donate small amounts of money which when aggregated can be used to make a difference and ordinary people can create miracles.

The Rob Benzon Foundation grants funds to both individuals with urgent needs in response to a catastrophic event and to established charitable organizations that provide services to those in need in San Diego.

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  • Heidi


    Heidi is an elderly woman that has been living with HIV for over 20 years and is now struggling with dementia.  Earlier this year, Heidi was approached by a salesperson at a trolley stop that convinced her to sign up for

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  • Interaction for Peace

    Interaction for Peace

    The Foundation funded a grant for Interaction for Peace, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, for Beyond Bullying – Awareness, Education, Action, their anti-bullying program in elementary and middle schools in San Diego County. Beyond Bullying – Awareness, Education, Action

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  • Sandra


    Sandra learned she was pregnant and soon afterward was the victim of domestic abuse when her husband almost strangled her to death.  Her husband was subsequently arrested.  Sandra now lives alone and is due to deliver her baby girl by C-section

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