The guiding concept of the foundation is that individuals who are not normally philanthropic can donate small amounts of money which when aggregated can be used to make a difference and ordinary people can create miracles.

The Rob Benzon Foundation grants funds to both individuals with urgent needs in response to a catastrophic event and to established charitable organizations that provide services to those in need in San Diego.

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  • Leighton M.

    Leighton M.

    The Foundation assisted Leighton who was being treated for breast cancer by paying her rent while she received treatment.

    Grant made in April 2019

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  • Lewis A.

    Lewis A.

    Lew is a person who was assaulted first, then in visiting the hospital, blood work and tests showed him to have prostate cancer. He was also in a car accident the same month with a $1,000. deductible. Because Lew’s ongoing

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  • Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship

    Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship

    The Rob Benzon Foundation awarded two scholarships at the annual Launching Leaders PFLAG Scholarship Awards to two LGBTQ students pursuing higher education. The Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Ramon Aquino and Levin Guerra.

    Grant made in March

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